Who We Are

Hey thanks for taking some time to learn what we’re about, we made it relatively brief.

We’re a team of people who love simple, high quality, and elegant products that enhance how we interact with our favorite devices. And we’re trying to not take ourselves too seriously during this whole journey. Overall, we’re trying to have fun while doing something we’re proud of.

When UPPERCASE Designs was started in 2007, we were simply testing to see if people would be interested in high quality, reasonably priced protective accessories for Apple products. Turns out, if you provide a good product, namely our MacBook keyboard protector and iPhone screen protector, people will notice.



*Reviews listed as of 10/04/2019

What We Do

Since then, we’ve branched out to other products and accessories. Now we have an entire Ghostfamily and Ghost related products that are pretty cool. But we want to be known as more than “Oh yeah that one brand with the Ghost keyboard thing.” So we’ve designed a few products along the way, with a lot more in the works.


We're tired of seeing so many sellers on Amazon whose brand name you can't even pronounce. They all have similarly styled photos, near identical product descriptions, and suspicious reviews. We want to do something different.

Our goal is to provide interesting, high quality products that have a timeless style due to their minimal design. We also want to remain true to our roots and continue to provide aesthetic, protective accessories.



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